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How Roche revolutionized proposal analysis

It all started with the simple need to digitize all the steps in the public sector sales process. But the results went much further than that.


Roche Portugal

"A much superior tool to what we used before"

Cristina Pereira - Tender Coordinator


Roche, a giant in the production of diagnostic medical devices, faced the challenge of evaluating thousands of contracts every year, competing in a market where winning only one in five contracts was the norm.

The manual analysis of these contracts consumed significant time and resources, and the lack of detailed insights into competitors' prices hindered Roche's ability to remain competitive.

Key tools

  • Search engine
  • Proposal generation
  • Team collaboration
  • CRM integration

GovWise has not only helped us automate and streamline our tender analysis, but has also given us unprecedented insight into the prices charged by our competitors.

Cristina Pereira Tender Coordinator at Roche


GovWise stepped in to create a data extraction tool that allowed Roche to analyze the prices of its competitors in bulk.

By automating the extraction process, Roche gained a detailed view of the prices presented by its competitors, giving it an unrivaled competitive advantage.

This revolutionary approach has allowed Roche to overcome the challenges of evaluating proposals efficiently and accurately.


This revolutionary approach not only saved the equivalent of three people a year's work, but also allowed Roche to evaluate the evolution of the prices of its medical devices in relation to competitors, increasing competitiveness in the market.

With detailed insights into market prices, Roche was able to adjust its pricing strategy and proposals more effectively, increasing the chances of success in future contracts and consolidating its position as an industry leader.

hours saved per week

"An unprecedented view of the prices charged by our competitors"

Cristina Pereira - Tender Coordinator

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