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How SGS implemented an expansion strategy with AI

Despite a lot of experience working with the public sector, the processes of identifying and analyzing opportunities have always been too time-consuming and inefficient. Until smarter solutions arrive.



"Simplification of processes at all stages, facilitating further growth"

Andreia Cabral - Customer Service Team Coordinator


SGS, which specializes in laboratory testing, aspired to expand its operations in the public sector, especially in the services and consultancy industry.

However, to achieve this goal, the company faced the challenge of identifying specific business opportunities in public tenders and ensuring that its commercial strategy was aligned with market demand.

Key tools

  • Gov360 search engine
  • Opportunity Qualification - Qualif.AI
  • Team collaboration

With the GovWise application, the team has reduced and simplified processes, increasing its productivity

Andreia Cabral Customer Service Team Coordinator


By implementing GovWise solutions in its sales processes, SGS has gained the ability to identify specific products and services in public tenders.

The tool has provided the company with
detailed market intelligence, allowing for a precise analysis of the opportunities
available in the public sector.

With access to information about ongoing tenders and market needs, SGS was able to adjust its commercial strategy according to the most promising areas of the market.


The market intelligence provided by GovWise has enabled SGS to expand its operations strategically and efficiently.

By focusing its efforts on the most promising areas of the market, the company has been able to align its commercial initiatives with demand in the public sector, ensuring sustainable and profitable growth.

The implementation of artificial intelligence enabled by GovWise has not only allowed SGS to identify lucrative business opportunities, but has also strengthened its position as a leader in the laboratory testing market.

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"Everything has become simpler and thus more effective"

Andreia Cabral - Customer Service Team Coordinator

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