Identification of Restricted Tendering

Restricted Tendering account for more than 95% of all Public Sector opportunities. Finally have access to all of them.

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Restricted Tendering

Access the other 95% of Tenders you don't normally see

Our specialized tool finds and predicts all existing public procurement tenders, even if they are not published on the usual portals.

More opportunities

Up to 9x more opportunities available to apply for

In just a few seconds, find and analyze all the information on all the tenders launched in Portugal and Spain.

  • Tenders that are not in BaseGov +150,000 accessible tenders that were not in BaseGov (2023)
  • More opportunities than other platforms Extraction from all the main platforms, aggregating everything on one screen
  • Accurate and up-to-date information All details are updated and reviewed by AI every 15 minutes, guaranteeing reliable information
Business forecast

Forecast and identification of Contracts to be terminated

Find out about new opportunities before they even exist through AI, predicting and highlighting tenders that will soon need to be renewed.

  • Anticipate opportunities before they are launched Prepare to respond to tenders that will be launched or renewed soon
  • Effortless listing of future opportunities In seconds, access a list of all the tenders in your categories that are about to expire
  • Receive notifications based on what interests you Don't miss out on any relevant information by receiving notifications whenever there is news on tenders that interest you
All the features

Access opportunities that
wouldn't find otherwise

All the opportunities, even the restricted ones and others that are yet to come, available with a split-second search.

AI research

The 1st Artificial Intelligence Search Engine for Public Procurement

10x more results

Our advanced extraction guarantees more results than any other platform

Updated to the minute

Continuous updating of data, no more frequently than every 15 minutes.

Access to Restricted Tendering

More than 95% of Public Procurement tenders are restricted and not visible to everyone. Access them all.

Search Documents, Cards and Contracts

Access much more information about each tender, including details about buyers and competitors

Personalized filters and notifications

Don't waste time on what doesn't interest you. Create your own filters and receive notifications of what's relevant.

Do more research

Access more opportunities than ever before

In seconds, find all the active tenders in Portugal, updated to the minute and in detail.