GovWise Technology

Selling better in the Technology Sector

Artificial Intelligence tools to find 4x more opportunities and reduce the time and effort to sell to the Public Sector in Technology by up to 80%.

The choice of the most innovative companies in the Technology Sector in Portugal


The only Artificial Intelligence solution in Portugal to sell to the Public Sector

The most powerful tools on the market that automate up to 80% of public sector sales processes.


Expanding the Technology sector with better access to Public Procurement

Proven success from the most demanding customers

GovWise allows us to have a more assertive and informed approach to Public Procedures, translating into a real gain in efficiency in these processes

Bruno Santos Chief Process Officer at Decunify

GovWise not only optimized our processes, but also allowed us to allocate resources to other strategic initiatives. We are extremely pleased with the results.

Mafalda Alves Dias Head of Large Business & Public Sector at Vodafone

This solution has greatly simplified our processes for competing in the public sector

Susete Raimundo Sales Analyst at Oramix
All the features

Immediate impact on efficiency
and the success rate of your sales

Full collaboration between the sales team and other elements relevant to the sales process, integrated with the other tools you already use.

Opportunity research with AI

The 1st Search Engine with Artificial Intelligence in Public Procurement. Find up to 10x more results.

Intelligent Qualification and Tender Analysis

Save 80% of the time spent analyzing and qualifying tenders and receive privileged information that you can't find in other tools

Automatic proposal generation with AI

Complete proposals generated in minutes with the first AI Assistant for creating Public Sector proposals

Advanced Market Analysis & Business Intelligence

Detailed information on Markets, Buyers, Competitors and Contracts

Identification and Forecasting of Restricted Tendering

Find all existing tenders on Public Procurement, even if they are not published on the usual portals.

Team collaboration and CRM integration

Full collaboration between the teams involved in sales to the Public Sector, with integration with the main CRMs

Onboarding and Training

Team onboarding and free training

Start off on the right foot with all the training you need to get the best out of our solutions, free of charge, included in all plans

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Better sales

The smartest tool for selling more in Technology

Working with the Public Sector has changed for (much) better with an artificial intelligence tool that automates manual tasks, makes processes efficient and provides privileged information for decision-making