Smart Qualification
and Analysis of Tenders

Stop losing days in analyzing opportunities and all the respective information. We've automated everything.

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All preparation and analysis done in seconds

Access all the information related to the public tenders that interest you, qualified, in a visual format, on a single screen, with details of the market, buyer, competitors, and more.

Information to win

Insider information to win public tenders

With intelligent analysis of all history and public information, immediately identify insights about the buyer and competitors, which will help you stand out and increase your chances of success.

  • Aggregator of all documents related to the Tenders. Specifications, attachments, contracts, and other documents, all accessible in one place
  • Detailed information about your competitors Learn everything about the companies competing in the same public tenders
  • Indication of the success rates of each supplier Find out which competitors most frequently and least frequently win in your markets
More Opportunities

Opportunity suggestions with high potential

Based on your preferences, interests, and your company's history, Artificial Intelligence finds and suggests similar opportunities that you should compete for

  • Saving 2/3 of the research time Opportunities automatically suggested without any effort
  • Public Tenders with higher chances of success We highlight the tenders that best fit the profile and capabilities of your company, so you don't waste time
  • Opportunities you wouldn't find otherwise We find and provide contracts that may not even be present on BaseGov or other platforms
All the features

Intelligent qualification
for better results

In addition to saving 80% of the time spent on contract analysis and qualification, you receive insider information not found in other tools

All the details of the Tenders

Nothing is missing, not a single detail. Everything that exists about the tenders is available.

All the Documents

Specifications, attachments, contracts, and other documents, all accessible in one place.

Market reports and insights

Information related to Buyers, Contracts, Competitors, and much more, available in charts.

100% accurate data

By simultaneously cross-referencing multiple information sources, we ensure that all available data are correct.

Opportunity Suggestions

We select opportunities where your company can stand out.

Export all the information

Export everything you want. Data, documents, reports, everything.

Search better

Don't waste time finding your next business opportunities

Access in just a few seconds all active contracts in Portugal, updated to the minute and in detail