Case Study

How Decunify broke new ground with intelligence

The lack of information and visibility about Buyers within their market was becoming a serious limitation to the company's growth. In a short time, everything changed.



"A view of the whole market like we've never had before"

Bruno Santos - Chief Process Officer


Decunify, an IT services company focused on the public sector. was facing a dilemma.

Its commercial team, in charge of managing clients and contracts in the public sector, was limited by a lack of visibility as to who was buying its products and services.

This lack of information made it difficult to make strategic decisions and identify market opportunities.

Key tools

  • Gov360 search engine
  • Opportunity Qualification - Qualif.AI
  • Team collaboration

GovWise allows us to have a more assertive and informed approach to Public Procedures, translating into a real gain in efficiency in these processes

Bruno Santos Chief Process Officer


The solution to this challenge came with the implementation of GovWise's artificial intelligence solutions.

By automating the identification of relevant contracts and public entities, Decunify has obtained a comprehensive view of the market.

The tool allowed the sales team to instantly identify which public entities were involved in contracts related to the services offered by Decunify, which opened the door to many more opportunities with less effort.


This change has allowed Decunify to act proactively in the market, directing its commercial efforts based on precise and personalized information.

As a result, Decunify's sales increased by 20%, demonstrating the power of intelligence applied to commercial strategy.

The ability to make decisions based on data has boosted the company's growth and consolidated its competitive position in the market

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increase in sales

"More information and assertiveness, translating into a real gain in efficiency in all processes"

Bruno Santos - Chief Process Officer

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