Sales Process Optimization

Save up to 80% of the average time needed to sell to the Public Sector and I can respond to more opportunities

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More efficiency

Respond to up to 4x more opportunities

From finding opportunities, analyzing, qualifying, understanding requirements and creating a response, save more than 30 hours per Tender

Generative AI

Artificial Intelligence tools at every step

Generative AI completely revolutionizes the way you do business, saving time and increasing efficiency.

  • Find promising opportunities in seconds with AI Search time for tenders that interest you reduced from hours to seconds.
  • Qualification and Analysis of everything that matters, on a single screen All the details of Buyers, Competitors, Markets and more, on one screen
  • Automatic Bid Generation with BidGen An artificial intelligence tool that generates complete proposals in a few minutes

Winning bids generated in minutes

BidGen is a unique tool in Portugal that uses Generative AI to create bids automatically

  • A complete proposal in just a few clicks Add the tenders details and documents and let the tool work its magic
  • Automatic analysis and response to specifications and requirements Artificial intelligence analyzes everything for you and prepares the proposal accordingly
  • Your fully customized templates Proposals generated in minutes but with your company's identity and most relevant information.
All the features

More efficiency,
more chances of success

By saving time at every stage, your team can respond to many more proposals

AI research

The 1st Artificial Intelligence Search Engine for Public Procurement

10x more results

Our advanced extraction guarantees more results than any other platform

Suggested opportunities

We've selected opportunities where your company can stand out

Qualification and analysis in seconds

All the information about the tenders that interest you, qualified, visually, on a single screen

Search Documents, Cards and Contracts

Access much more information about each tender, including details about buyers and competitors

Automatic proposal generation

With BidGen, answering Tenders only takes a few minutes, not days

Sell more

Start improving processes and sell more

It's simple. By being able to answer many more tenders in less time, your chances of winning more contracts increase.