Advanced Market Analysis
& Business Intelligence

Make sound decisions based on highly detailed inside information about the markets, based on what interests you most

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GovWise Analytics

Detailed information on Markets, Buyers, Competitors and Contracts

Everything you need to know to make better decisions and increase your success rate

Personalized and relevant

Personalized insights, forecasts and suggestions

Intelligent reports focused on helping you win more business, with information that gives you a competitive edge

  • Filters with detailed data and metrics View information in different ways with detailed filters based on various factors
  • Personalized digests sent by email Directly in your inbox, to save you even more time without missing any insight.
  • Customizable dashboard and graphics Reports in your style, simplified to show what matters most to you
Reliable information

100% reliable data from the main open sources of Funds and Public Procurement

Extraction and reclassification of information from the main sources of public information, updated in real time.

  • Predictive and relational information Information that helps you identify opportunities and make decisions with greater confidence
  • The Public Sector and markets analyzed with Artificial Intelligence A level of data collection and analysis that is difficult to achieve without the help of AI
  • More use, you'll benefit The more you use GovWise tools, the smarter and more tailored the information becomes to your interests
All the features

Intelligent reports,
for successful business

Benefit from insider information on Markets, Buyers, Competitors and much more

AI-generated reports

Business Intelligence even more...intelligent, with unique data extraction and analysis power

Ultra granular data

Access even the smallest detail about the various players in the Public Sector

Complete Public Sector Perspective

Detailed information on Buyers and Competitors, highlighting trends and valuable insights.

100% accurate data

By simultaneously cross-referencing various sources of information, we ensure that all available data is correct.

Customized reports

Organize and visualize the information you want and how you want it, customizing your reports

Export all information

Export everything you want. Data, documents, reports, everything.

Better business

Information is power,
don't fall behind.

Find out everything you need to know to do more and better business, with detailed information on all the market players.