1. Intellectual or Industrial Property

Wisecompany, Lda (GovWise), with the VAT number 514450959, is the holder of all licenses and all rights (intellectual or industrial property) over the IT solutions and/or services marketed, advertised and/or made available on this website.

As such, the use of the solutions and services by a client/user not only does not grant them any intellectual or industrial property rights, nor does it authorize them to use any GovWise brand or logo.

GovWise solutions and services must be used with respect for the law and the rights of third parties, and any misuse of the solutions and services by any customer or user is considered a violation of the terms of use (terms).

  1. Acceptance of Terms

These Terms & Conditions apply to all customers/users of GovWise solutions/products and their knowledge and acceptance of them is mandatory.

GovWise reserves the right to change and improve the solutions and services it provides to its customers/users, and may add or remove functionalities and/or features, as well as suspend or terminate them, in which case customers/users will be informed at least 30 (thirty) days in advance.

These terms apply exclusively between GovWise and the customer/user and do not create any rights for third parties, including access, use or compensation.

To settle any dispute arising from the use of GovWise solutions and services, the Laws of Portugal and the respective jurisdiction shall apply.

  1. Use of GovWise Services and Solutions

The use of GovWise solutions and services will be carried out in accordance with the instructions and compatibility requirements shared by GovWise, and GovWise will not be liable for any error, loss, compensation or damage caused by non-compliance with this clause.

The client/user must, when formalizing the subscription to the service and/or solution, fill in and provide all the data required to provide the services or implement/parameterize the solution.

GovWise services and solutions have the price and contractual duration indicated in the billing documentation, contract or online store, and this information is sent via e-mail to the customer or user for the purposes of contractual proof.

Access to GovWise’s services and solutions (and the information and content obtained through them) is unique to the entity that purchased them, and sharing access with other entity(ies), whether or not they are GovWise customers, is expressly prohibited.

In the event of breach of contract, GovWise reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract, with immediate effect and with the corresponding limitation of access to the services, without prejudice to the right to full compliance with the agreed pecuniary obligations.

  1. Content and Information

GovWise reserves the right to remove, edit or eliminate any content or information that is determined or understood to be illegal and/or in violation of our policy, terms of use or the Law, although this cannot be understood as the existence of a commitment to evaluate the content and information by GovWise.

GovWise is an artificial intelligence tool that automates manual tasks, makes processes efficient and provides privileged information for decision-making, thus creating high profitability for Public Organizations and Companies. Various sources are used, public or through agreements with data sources, over which GovWise has no control and for which it assumes no responsibility, and aggregated data is always used, i.e. at no time are direct relationships made between a buyer, supplier, a product and a price.

Considering the multiplicity of sources, possibly incorrect product descriptions or possible errors in the input or processing of data, GovWise assumes no responsibility for the information provided. The information provided is not necessarily exhaustive or complete and should be understood as a mere suggestion and not as any kind of recommendation, and is not binding or definitive.

GovWise, its partners, administrators, legal representatives and employees do not guarantee its correctness, updating, accuracy, adequacy, completeness or veracity, nor are they responsible for the accidental publication of incorrect data.

The success or failure of an act carried out on the basis of the information / data / reports / suggestions submitted or the competitiveness of the proposals submitted by a client cannot be attributed to GovWise, the client being responsible for the interpretation and consequent commercial strategy to be followed on the basis of the information / data / reports / suggestions obtained through GovWise.

Therefore, GovWise provides its solutions and services with the highest level of competence and we hope that our clients and users will obtain maximum satisfaction when accessing and using them.

  1. Activity and Obligations

The customer and/or user is responsible for their activity and the use of GovWise’s solutions and services, and is responsible for ensuring the protection of their account and access data, as well as the existence and maintenance of all the hardware and software necessary for this purpose and for accessing and using GovWise’s solutions and services.

The use of GovWise solutions and services may involve accessing, making available, uploading, submitting, storing, sending or receiving content and information.

The client and user retain ownership of all intellectual property rights they hold over such content and information.

The customer and/or user by accessing, making available, uploading, submitting, storing, sending or receiving content and information is authorizing the processing of such data by GovWise, authorizing its use and availability in such services and solutions, even in situations where the customer or user stops using our services and solutions for the purpose of history, making services available to third parties and/or as judicial or other similar evidence.

The following are obligations of the customer/user of GovWise solutions and/or services:

  1. Take all measures to avoid jeopardizing network security;
  2. Make correct use of the services and/or solutions;
  3. Do not copy, disclose, transmit or assign in any way the content and information made available by GovWise;
  4. Acknowledge that the information and content entered, uploaded, submitted or sent in GovWise solutions or services are their sole responsibility;
  5. Ensure that access to GovWise services and solutions is used exclusively by the entity that purchased them.

Failure to comply with the obligations set out in the preceding paragraph and, in particular, paragraph 3, shall constitute the customer/user’s obligation to compensate GovWise for all losses and damages, both emergent and loss of profit, caused and in accordance with the general rules of law.

The customer and/or user acknowledges that, when GovWise provides a service using remote access to their equipment or work area in a GovWise solution, they must validate all activity carried out by the GovWise operator or employee on behalf of their entity.

The customer further expressly acknowledges that GovWise shall not be liable for any action taken in such remote access that will or may cause damage to the customer or the loss of any opportunity, contract, information or content, including lost profits.

  1. Marketing and Data Use

GovWise treats all transactional, commercial and personal data to which it may have access from its customers and users with the utmost confidentiality.

GovWise guarantees a policy of secrecy in communications and the adoption of security measures against the destruction, loss, modification and undue access to information and content, complying with all legislation applicable to its activity, in the different geographies in which it operates or will operate.

The customer and user may, at any time, stop using a GovWise service or solution, and such a decision will not be understood as just cause for termination of the contract(s) in force.

GovWise guarantees the holders of personal data subject to the scope of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 all the rights provided for in Chapter III of said Regulation as well as in any applicable national legislation. To exercise any right relating to personal data, you should use the tools provided in the solutions or send an email to info@govwise.ai stating what you want. The customer and user authorizes the processing of their data, including personal data, for the provision of services and the use of GovWise services, without which such services cannot be provided without limitation.

GovWise may send you announcements of services or solutions, administrative messages (such as contractual or billing messages) related to the use of our solutions and services, and you may opt out of receiving some or all of these communications at any time.

For any information, notification or contact, please use the following GovWise contacts:

Email: info@govwise.ai

Version 1.0 | Published on March 1st, 2024 | Conditions applicable as of April 1st, 2024