Revolutionizing public procurement: GovWise’s path to sustainability and efficiency

In the field of public procurement, where bureaucracy is often king and inefficiencies proliferate, the emergence of GovWise marks a significant turning point.

This certified AI platform is not just another technological innovation; it is a beacon of hope for unlocking automation and sustainability assessment within the intricate landscape of public procurement.

With over 30 years of accumulated experience, we have experienced first-hand the pains and challenges of selling to the public sector. And now… we’ve created the solution we all needed.

– Francisco Figueiredo, CEO GovWise

A unique opportunity to transform public procurement

GovWise’s journey began with the conclusion of its pre-seed round at the start of 2024.

Since then, the platform has wasted no time in making its mark, rapidly implementing its solutions with more than a dozen clients covering both the private and public sectors.

This rapid adoption underlines the urgent need for transformation within an industry that accounts for an impressive 15% of the world’s GDP, but which remains haunted by inefficiencies that arouse widespread public concern.

Central to GovWise’s mission is the recognition of the crucial role that Green Public Procurement (GPP) plays in promoting a resource-efficient economy.

With public procurement exerting such a huge influence, there is a compelling opportunity to lead by example, leveraging AI to scrutinize procurement data, identify inefficiencies and assess the sustainability credentials of purchases.

A team of passionate innovators

Behind GovWise’s achievements is a dedicated team committed to realizing the vision of ‘Smart Public Procurement with A.I.’. Their efforts have not only focused on implementation, but also on dissemination, involving clients, partners and stakeholders to drive awareness and advocacy around the urgency of embracing data science in GovTech initiatives.

This joint work laid the foundations for GovWise to share its success stories on platforms such as the Digital With Purpose Global Summit and the Change Health Days Portugal. At these events, attended by a combined audience of over 200 people, GovWise had the opportunity to showcase its achievements and highlight the transformative potential of applying AI in public procurement.

Special thanks are due to individuals and organizations such as Pedro Sacramento of Startup Portugal and Paul Nunesdea of the Digital Health Portugal Health Data Forum, whose invitations provided GovWise with a great opportunity to amplify its message and establish meaningful connections.

We’re only at the beginning

    As GovWise continues to chart its course, its journey is a testament to the power of technology to drive positive change, not just within public procurement, but across all sectors and societies.

    With each checkpoint reached, GovWise promises to continue its commitment to reshaping the future of public procurement, one informed decision at a time, guided by the principles of efficiency and sustainability.